Is Governor Bevin Breaking his "No Tolls" Promise to NKY?

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 during a speech in Northern Kentucky, Governor Bevin appeared to reverse his longstanding opposition to tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge. Is he breaking the "no tolls" promise he made to NKY?

During his election, in April of 2015, Governor Bevin clearly articulated his opposition to tolls:

"Tolls are taxes, straight up. It's as simple as that," Bevin said in April. "I'm absolutely opposed to using tolling as a mechanism for getting dollars for projects that we haven't been more thoughtful about how to pay for with the current tax payers that are in the system right now"

In August of 2015 Bevin's campaign spokesman reaffirmed his position:

"We have talked consistently about Matt's opposition to tolling to fund specific projects such as the Brent Spence Bridge."

In February of 2016 Governor Bevin said he would not support tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge as long as NKY remained opposed to tolls:

Bevin, who says he doesn't oppose tolls in general, has said he won't support tolls as long as the political opposition to them in Northern Kentucky is so strong. Asked for a comment, spokeswoman Jessica Ditto said: "The prohibition on tolling in the bill is consistent with the governor’s position on the Brent Spence Bridge Project."

Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce event on Wednesday, Governor Bevin appeared to change his position and embraced the position of his predecessor, Democrat Steve Beshear:

As for tolls, they have to be part of the discussion, Bevin said. Bevin said he'd prefer to not have the bridge tolled, but they shouldn't be ruled out..."Everything is on the table," Bevin said. "It doesn't mean that's going to be done. But to not talk about every option would be foolish."

Does Governor Bevin plan to turn his back on NKY?

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