River City News: Northern Kentucky Business Leaders Against Tolls

The (Cincinnati) Enquirer’s Editorial Board recently published their opinion that Governor Beshear should veto House Bill 407 because it will effectively kill tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge. Well, in case the Enquirer hasn’t heard, that is exactly what the majority of Northern Kentuckians and the Northern Kentucky legislators want.

The majority of Northern Kentucky Cities, representing over 80% of the population, have passed “No Toll” resolutions.

Now, the Chamber of Commerce is desperately lobbying Governor Beshear to kill the once beloved P3 legislation (HB 407). Why less than a year ago, the Enquirer and the Chamber repeatedly stated that P3 legislation (1) will not necessarily lead to tolls; and (2) is of the utmost importance for economic development in the Commonwealth. Well, I guess they have changed their minds. At least now they are honest about their pro-toll position.

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