How much congestion is caused by the Brent Spence Bridge?


Congestion in the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor currently costs commuters an average of 3.4 minutes per day.

Advocates of a new toll bridge claim that congestion on the Brent Spence costs commuters 3.6 million hours of delay per year.  That number seems large, but when you do the math, it averages to 3.4 minutes, per commuter, per day. Approximately 172,000 vehicles cross the bridge per day, or 62,787,000 per year. 3.6 million hours equals 216,000,000 minutes. 216,000,000 minutes divided by 62,787,000 vehicles equals 3.44 minutes per day.

The TTI Study estimates the “cost of congestion” born by passenger vehicles at $56,091,486 a year (approximately $16 per hour spent in traffic). Even with the lowest possible toll, $1, passengers would be paying $62,787,000, more than the cost of congestion. With a more realistic toll, the disparity grows.

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