Tell Kasich: Apologize to Northern Kentucky

On Wednesday, Gov. Kasich stood at a press conference—in a building that once housed companies he personally recruited away from Kentucky—and insulted Northern Kentucky and our elected leaders.

He said we have our “head in the sand,” called opposition to tolls “blind and extreme ideology,” and said we are "holding up progress."

WHAT!?! While standing next to the Governor who vetoed the P3 bill passed by the General Assembly last year?

Governor Kasich has personally lobbied to take businesses and jobs from NKY, and yet he stands in the very building that once housed some of these businesses and makes personal attacks against our elected leaders?

Governor Kasich should apologize, and if he cannot control himself he should stay out of Kentucky.


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Tell Kasich:

Insulting our legislators and belittling our community isn’t “fixing dysfunction." It’s unacceptable. You owe Northern Kentucky an apology.

Will you sign?

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