What impact will tolls on the Brent Spence Bridge have on Northern Kentucky's economy?


Tolls will negatively impact commuters, local governments, consumers, communities, and Business in Northern Kentucky. Tolls increase costs for all businesses who use the Brent Spence Bridge to move raw materials, products, or people resulting in a competitive disadvantage for local businesses and an increased cost of living to our residents.

Over 175,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily, with 63-65% of those vehicles being Northern Kentucky drivers. If those 113,750 drivers pay a toll of $2.50 a trip it will cost Northern Kentucky almost $104 million a year. Those lost dollars then fail to circulate and affect our community. If you multiply that by a standard money multiplier effect of X5, it will cost our community over half a billion dollars a year.

And this does not include Trucks at $5-$12 a trip.

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